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Blizzard Bans Players on Exploiting XP Farming In Custom Game Mode (Skirmish)

XP farming overwatch
Players are taking advantages of the Skirmish mode by being in active (AFK) to farm for XP Points. These XP points will then be used to buy Loot Crates for skins and Rare items. But Blizzard are taking at a stance on people using this exploit and warns players from doing this type of behaviour on

Orisa: The New Overwatch Character – Overview on Skills, Ablities and Opinions

Orisa Overwath character
Orisa, the new character from Blizzard. She's currently live on the PTR. She was built by Efi Oladele, the young girl who is a recipient of the Adawe Foundation's prestigious "genius grant”. Efi was at the airport after the OR-15 was damaged from Doomfist's destruction at Numbani. Orisa is an alternative tank between Reinhardt and

Roadhog’s Hook Feels Like a Buff, Not a Nerf – PTR Changes for Overwatch

Roadhog PTR Changes
Roadhog - My favorite character on Overwatch. He's fat, slow and that hook can get you anyone if you're super accurate. "Come here!" Reminds me of Scorpion from Mortal Combat. With the current PTR, Roadhog will receive a nerf. But players on the Overwatch forum still think that he is buffed, not nerfed. Prior to

Pokemon Go! Will Have A Lot Of New Updates!

Pokemon Go
With all the hyped that happened when Pokemon Go was first released, everyone was playing this on their mobile devices. Whether it was on their iPone or on their Android. Now Pokemon Go! will be releasing a monster of an update. NianticLabs, the Pokemon Go! developer, will be releasing 80 new Pokemon Monsters, as well as

Plants Versus Zombies GW2 Patch 1.03

The PopCap team has released a new update of the PVZGW2. The patch update has contain alot of bug fixes and general game fixes. The developer has always been active for fixing bugs on the every console. Plants Versus Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is always one of those games I always play when I've got