Battlefield 5 – Rumours and Leaks

As you may be aware there will a Battlefield 5 series in the next sequel from Dice.

There had been rumored that it was going to be called battlefield 5 – Eastern Front. The game of the next franchise would probably be based in World War era. We know that Call of Duty is going to be a future war game, which is called Infinite Warfare, but the pre-order bonus would be remastered of the COD 4.

Battlefield 5 – Remastered?

There is a new information is a positive for the Battlefield community. The leak came from a @Chinobil from twitter, who is the master of all leaks when it comes to Battlefield 5. Two things he has leaked for us:

  1. The name and the settings
  2. A teaser Trailer

EA and Activation has been battling it out to get more sales when it comes to the FPS games. Last week, Call of Duty has released a trailer of the Infinite War reveal. Now it’s EA’s turn to make a move in the First Person Shooter market.

Here is the Call of Duty – Infinite War Trailer.


Going back to @Shinobi602, he tweeted: “Never gets old. A catchy tune for sure. “Then he added a Battlefield 1942 theme.

He also, tweeted us with a Battlefield 2 theme song.

A lot of people within the community are adding some theory as to what the title would be called. They’re claiming that since he tweeted the Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 theme song, the game would be eventually be called Battlefield 1944.
So right now, I think we will see that there will be a Battlefield 1944 –  trailer coming soon.

What do you guys, think?

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