Is Addictive But Fustrating At The Same – Here’s Why the game that has all of us remembered when we all used to have those Nokia phones. My experience with the Nokia phone was the Nokia 3210. Oh man, those were the days when we had no touch screen phone. is pretty much like Snakes but more competitive involved.

So while browsing on my Google play with my Sony Xperia Z5 phone, I stumbled across The game on Android has been downloaded between 10,000,000 – 50,000,000. That’s crazy since the game was intrudcued on Google Play back in March 2016. is a blend from the other game called

The rules in are simple – eat glowing orbs to grow bigger and kill your enemies by getting their heat to hit your tail. You guide your snake around the arena by moving your mouse cursor, with the ability to boost by clicking the left mouse button. With Android devices, you need to hold down your finger on the screen, to boost your snake, just double tap your finger on the screen.

There have been a lot of sub-par released in it’s wake, but is the first one we’ve seen that actually innovates and advances on the formula. Although size does matter, It’s not just survival of the biggest, unlike, even a small snake can kill a big one in with a bit of skill (and luck). It’s already a fun and highly addictive game, and the devs are continually working on it to add a range of cool new features (which you can vote on). Superb massively multiplayer snakey fun well worth taking for a slither.

Without realising, I can actually play on the browser, not just on Android or IOs devices. I prefer playing this game using my laptop to be honest, since playing on Android devices seems a bit sluggish.

My last score while playing the game was 2237.3. I was playing this on Google Chrome browser.

Let me know what your highest score is on the comments down below.

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